Product nameBanana
Storage TypeDry cool place


Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruit

Specification100% natural



PortTanjung Emas
Place of OriginIndonesia
Cultivation TypeCommon
Packaging0.5kgs/tray, 10kgs/Carton
(Or as Customer’s Request)
Shelf Life

5 months

Brand NameGreen Eath
TasteNatural Sweet

Weight (kg)



Fresh banana

Minimum Order1 Container 20RF

Banana is a fruit that is widely known in Indonesia. Bananas can be enjoyed in various ways: eaten directly, fried, steamed, or processed with other ingredients. But bananas are not only delicious, they have many benefits.

Helps Overcome Hypertension

Potassium contained in bananas can help regulate fluid and electrolyte balance so that blood pressure remains stable. The dietary fiber contained in bananas is able to bind fat, thereby preventing plaque formation. Plaque can narrow and even clog blood vessels, causing blood pressure to increase.

Source of Carbohydrates and Vitamin A
Bananas are rich in vitamins and fiber. When compared with apples, bananas have more than twice as much carbohydrates, and five times as much vitamin A. In addition, bananas are also rich in magnesium and potassium which are important for the body to stay fit.

Bananas Improve Metabolism
No need for medicine. By eating bananas, those of you who have difficulty defecating can eat bananas as a treatment step. Because bananas can help expedite the disposal of body waste in the metabolic process.

Increases Immunity
Do you do a lot of activities and like to exercise? The content of Vitamins A, C, and B6 found in bananas functions to increase the body’s immunity against infection. So that the body will feel fresh and not quickly limp


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