Product nameFresh rambutan
Storage TypeNormal temperature


Rambutan Fruit

Specification100% natural
PortTanjung Emas
Place of OriginIndonesia
Cultivation TypeCommon
Packaging0.5kgs/tray, 10kgs/Carton
(Or as Customer’s Request)
Shelf Life30-45 days
Brand NameGreen Eath
TasteNatural Sweet
ContentRich Vitamins
Minimum Order1 Container 20RF

Rambutan is a tropical plant that belongs to the Lerak-lerakan tribe or Sapindaceae, originating from the islands of Southeast Asia. The word “rambutan” comes from the Malay language (because Indonesian was only inaugurated in 1945) which is rooted from the word “rambut” because of the shape of the fruit which has skin resembling hair.

Benefits of rambutan fruit:
1. Healthy digestion Rambutan can spread digestion because of its fiber content. About half of the fiber in rambutan fruit includes insoluble fiber, which passes through the intestines undigested. Digestion Insoluble fiber increases the bulk of stools and helps speed up intestinal transit thereby reducing the chances of constipation. The other half in rambutan fruit is from soluble fiber. Soluble fiber provides food for the good bacteria in the gut. In turn, these friendly bacteria produce short-chain fatty acids, such as acetate, propionate, and butyrate, which feed intestinal cells. These short-chain fatty acids may also reduce inflammation and improve symptoms of intestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.
2. Helps you lose weight Just like other fruits, rambutan can prevent weight gain and promote weight loss over time. With around 75 calories and 1.3–2 grams of fiber per 3.5 100 grams of rambutan, the calories in this fruit are relatively low for the amount of fiber it provides. Low calories can keep us full longer thereby reducing our chances of overeating and increasing weight loss over time. In addition, the soluble fiber in rambutan can dissolve in water and form a gel-like substance in the intestines that helps slow digestion and absorption of nutrients. This soluble fiber can also cause a reduced appetite and a longer feeling of fullness.
3. Helps the body fight infections. Rambutan fruit can contribute to a stronger immune system in a number of ways. One of them, rambutan fruit is rich in vitamin C, which can encourage the production of white blood cells that the body needs to fight infection. According to Science Too little intake of vitamin C can weaken the immune system making us more susceptible to infection. What’s more, rambutan peels have been used for centuries to fight infection. Test tube studies show that rambutan skin contains compounds that can protect the body from viruses and bacterial infections. However, generally, rambutan skin is considered inedible.


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